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On Tues June 29th 2010 the “…I Know” devotional CD became available for digital download on Bandcamp!  It is with sincerity that I say I am blessed and truly humbled that God Almighty would choose to use me as a vessel to minister and complete such a powerful devotional CD such as “…I Know”. I have received numerous heartfelt messages and testimony from those who have been ministered to by my new devotional CD “…I Know”.  Well let me just say, this devotional has also been used to minister through me-to me…our God is just AMAZING like that. 

There are times when we as human beings simply need to be reminded that the God of the universe who created us is not so far off that He does not see and hear our inner most prayer, that he is aware of what things we are faced with…whether great or small.  We need at times to be reminded that He truly is “touched with our infirmities”, that He smells the aroma of our sincere praise to Him and that He who tasted death on our behalf (the living Christ) has already worked things out for our good.  Well, consider the “…I Know” devotional as His personal reminder of the fact that HE sees, He hears, He smells, He touches and Have tasted all that concerns us.  Allow your spirit to be blessed and encouraged of this truth as you experience what God has for you as you sup from this devotional CD.   

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In His Awesome Service,