Psalmoetry in Upcoming Stage Play “The Mask”

Hello everyone it’s ya girl Psalmoetry,
I wanted to share the information below in regards to a new stage play that I am part of entitled “The Mask”, where I play as the character Jade.  Some of the cast will be discussing specifics things in regards to the play tonight (myself included) on Warner Cable channel 24 at 8pm Est.  Be sure to read the play description below that the play write (Sandra Wright) has provided.

Peace and Blessings To You All……………………………..
Ayanna “Psalmoetry” Lewis

“The Mask” description provided by Sandra Wright:  The Mask Stage Play offers everything from “Baby Mama Drama” to “The Church Lady”! Its real life situations presented in a real way…portraying: Mercede’s (Baby Mama Drama); Paige (Material Girl); Bonnie Jean/BJ (Sexuality Turmoil); Sister Gladys (The Church Lady); Jade (Deception); Verdel (Battered Women) come hear their stories. Not Recommended for Children!! See FB Events for more details!

Praise TV to interview the writer and cast of the hottest new upcoming stage play entitled “The Mask” Tonight on Time Warner Cable channel 24 live at 8pm. Don’t miss this exciting preview!

Get tickets for “The Mask” online at click on the link, go to events and purchase tickets. It’s very simple to do…the sooner you do the better your seats. It’s general admission…BUT, ASSIGNED SEATING!
Thanks for your time!