The Shake It Off Music Video Premiere Recap!

Okay…so it’s officially been a week since the Shake It Off 2010 Music Video Release Venue took place on Fri June 18th and we’re still receiving emails from you all who were in attendance saying how “hot” and how “blessed” you all thought the video and it’s message was….THANKS FOR THE LOVE FAM!  Listen, I just want to thank the living Christ…my Lord & Savior for gracing me to be used by Him to express life breathing music to edify and inspire.  I want to thank you all for packing out the place, wow!  I also want to thank you for all the support that was shown …truly the venue EXCEEDED Terrence (my hubbie/producer) and my expectations…GOD IS TRULY GOOD!!!!!!   

As you purchased products that evening from my CD table i.e. the Psalmoetry EP and the pre release of the …I Know worship devotional, many of you expressed how you desired to have your own copy of the music video as it touched on several “relevant” life situations.  Well, we desire to share parts of our experience of making the music video with YOU, so we’re in the process of having the Shake It Off  video DVD manufactured! We’ve decided to offer a DVD which will include the Shake It Off 2010 music video and will also include bonus footage of “the making of the music video” featuring  footage and interviews with national recording artist L.G. Wise, the 20/Twenty crew, Xtra Xclusive dance team, S.Y.B. “Say Ya Blessed” dance group, Cincinnati Cool Stunt Skaters and more!  There will be deleted scenes and a few “bloopers” that will also be included as we had some funny stuff happen while making this music video as well, lol!  Last but not least, we will include footage of me (psalmoetry) in the booth recording several songs from off my upcoming full album release Psalmistic Soul-Food due to FINALLY drop late Summer…I know it’s been a minute ya’ll…I got my reasons, lol, but thanks for bearing with a sista!  So stay connected with me by registering your email at for further information in regards to the Shake It Off video DVD, the …I Know devotional CD, and my upcoming full length CD release Psalmistic Soul-Food.

BTW, for those of you who were in attendance at the music video release venue and are on my personal FB (Facebook) page, my FB fan page, or my Myspace page I would like very much to hear from you…ya thoughts on the video, the songs that were shared, the video release venue as a whole, and my new worship devotional project recently pre released entitled …I Know-which thanks to all of you sold out that night…I truly pray it will be used to usher you into the presence of God in ways greater than you’ve ever experienced!  We presently have more I Know Devotional CD’s being manufactured as well as digital downloads to be made availabe soon on Itunes and to be made available on Bandcamp beginning Tuesday June 29th…so join my email list to be notified!

Peace and Blessings!