Simply Thankful……..

Today I awakened so thankful…for life, for my God & Savior the giver of life and for my husband and children who I love and adore and who TRULY make me feel so special:)  It’s not that all is going perfect in my life right now or that I’ve achieved every goal that I desire to reach…I am just thankful to know that God is ever present and on my side.  He reminded me today in some of the smallest ways just how much HE truly loves me and just how precious I am to HIM…every time HE does that, I’m often left in awe.  Life can be exciting as well as challenging and difficult at times (trust me, I know)…even still,  let’s make a conscious effort to remind ourselves just how truly blessed we really are.  As you take each breathe today that the Lord has given you declare that you are BLESSED, meditate on how far you’ve come…how far God has brought you and be inspired to soar in all He has for you.  Make 2012 a great year for you as you draw closer to the One who holds your life in the palm of His Hands.


Nothing but Love………………