Be DETERMINED to go after God’s Best For Your Life!


Pressed through the rain to get to a Kick boxing class tonight that got CANCELLED, Ugh…and was DETERMINED not to turn around and go home. Sista girl walked into a different class “Studio Cycle”…OMG, what did I get myself into, LOl!…we’re talking INTENSE. During the class, as I took deep breaths and drank from my water bottle, I had to REPEATEDLY remind myself “I CAN do all things through CHRIST who gives me strength”, lol, otherwise I would’ve gave up half way through. When it was all over, I realized it was one of the BEST work outs I’d ever experienced!  Brothers and Sisters, be determined to have God’s BEST for your life…DON’T GIVE UP…even if you have to press “through the rain” and oposition to get it! EXERCISE your faith IN HIM…ENCOURAGE YOURSELF with His word, knowing He’s your strength. In the end, it will have drawn you closer to HIM and the reward of what He has in store for you will make it all worth it!