Disaster! Comedy Musical: Episode 2 – Levora Verona (Rehearsing Diana “Mahogany” by Diana Ross)

Hey Peeps!

I wanted to stop and take some time to share some of the “behind the scenes” clips from over the past couple of weeks of me preparing for the show! By the way, my husband Terrence Lewis is the bomb dot com! #MyfavoriteMusician he got on the keys for me when I asked him to please help me prepare for the rehearsals that were coming up for the different song numbers I’d be singing for the show… I LOVE YOU TERRENCE, and want to publicly thank you!!! Anyway peeps, I Would love for you to come out and see the show 🙂 It’s an AMAZING CAST of people. They’ve been wonderful to work with! If you enjoy SPOOFS and down for some COMEDY that will have you laughing, straight crying and busting at the seams… 😂 then come see DISASTER! Take a look as I was practicing one of the songs “Mahogany” for the show. 👌🏽😉 A great song from the 70’s! #Nostalgia #Mahogany #DianaRoss She is STILL an all time great!