The Reviews Are In!!!

As several of you may know, I am in a Lacomedia Taste of Broadway production called DISASTER… a slapstick comedy and 70’s throw back (Seth Rudetsky and Jack Plotnick) This production has had audiences Rollin in their seats as the “Distaster” is happening to different larger than life melodramatic characters in the cast, Lol, all while a slew of disco hits from the 70’s are being sung and incorporated into the show! Here is one of the reviews that has come forth since opening night of the show, which began Sept. 12 and goes until Nov. 3. The review states “Ayanna Lewis is funny as diva Levora and sings up a storm on a number of disco hits.”… wow, thank YOU Lord, I’m grateful for this review and thankful for this opportunity! I’ll take it!  Thank you God for the singing and acting gift you have graced me with, thank you to the reviewer, and thank you Lacomedia for the opportunity! 

Checkout the full review here: