Play Pits Natural Deodorant Jingle (Family Valentine’s Day Fun)

I’ve written several jingles over the years. Really had fun with this one because it was a FAMILY affair :)❤️ and we really love Play Pits.

Got a whiff of my pits and was like Woah-
Deo not working it gots to go!
Learned about play pits- ordered like Bam!💥
This Sis don’t play about my fam!
love knowing that I won’t perspire –
When I bring that heat… that music fire! 🔥
With sent like orange, lavender, or lemon,
It keeps us fresh – Yeah, I/we) stay winning! 🙌🏽
Twinning… yeah that’s who they be
no parabens, or aluminum and sulfate-free!
Keep it real – no artificial- that’s the key!
Play Pits the natural one for me!
It’s Natural!

Play Pits Natural Deodorant That Works