One Month Down and Counting…

Alright so today marks the last day of the first month of the New year we’ve entered…ha! that verbage will get ya brain thinking, lol!  No seriously though, today is Jan 31st and one of the things I’ve thought about is my progress thus far with setting and meeting goals I have for 2011.  With that being said, it’s time for a “self -check” to first see how I’m doing as a wife to my husband and bestfriend…the priest of our home, and as a mother to the blessed seed God has given me…my precious twin daughters.  These, my family, are my FIRST MINISTRY.  Next, I need to be sure that I am meeting the goals I have set as a recording artist, writer and psalmist.  It is my sincere desire to write and sing Life Breathing “Real Talk” Music that will go deep down to the core of the listener…causing them to be inspired and impacted in ways that will be for their betterment, and that God would also be glorified in some way.  For I completely agree with the words of the legendary Lauryn Hill “music is suppose to inspire…” so with that being said, I’m trying to use mine to take you higher!  Be on the look out for Psalmistic Soul-Food 2011!  Until then, be sure to get my Psalmoetry EP and Shake It Off Remix Music Video DVD to hold you over! 

Peace & Blessings……..
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