Give Praise To Him

I awakened to this “Winter Wonderland” this morning and thought “How Beautiful”…and was amazed all over again at the Sovereignty of God… the Ultimate Artist! I was captivated by the fact that even though the sun light is not shining (hidden by the clouds) and the trees are barren…His Glory is still reflected. This thought came to me in the form of a poem…

Winter…though sun not shining on this day and daylight slightly dim, 
still trees with extended branches in awe give praise to HIM! Selah

See some times, things may seem “dim” in your life because the sun doesn’t appear to be shining, and there may be some things you’ve labored for…worked hard at, yet the fruit of those labors hasn’t fully manifested yet…in the midst just GIVE HIM PRAISE anyhow…KNOWING that He’s still in complete control!… and in due season YOUR harvest is sure to come! May we remember in 2014 (just like these trees with extended branches) to lift our arms…and give HIM the praise HE is so worthy of…simply for being who He is! #opentheeyesofmyheartLord