What’s Up Psalmoetry Music Fans and Supporters! Today’s a New Day…Rejoice, God’s got ya! Listen, I’m Just WAITING for the FINAL COUNT to be posted for the Top Ten for the National Safe Auto Do The Jingle Contest…it’s producing a bit more patience in me I guess, lol. I’m sure a lot of us could use that, huh? SMILE:) Nonetheless, some peeps from my Voting Party on Thurs Feb 28th took down what they showed as the count for the Top 5 when the contest ended and I was approximately 87,000 plus votes ahead of the 2nd place competitor…the lead was BANANAS!..I say that in all humility because I couldn’t have done it without God’s leading on what I consider to be “wisdom strategies” He showed me and that we used for marketing and also the help of all those from both my personal FB page as well as my FB Psalmoetry music Fan page, and my Email Blast list,which so many of YOU are on…THANK YOU for ya LOVE, PRAYERS AND SUPPORT…MEANS MORE THAN YOU MAY EVER KNOW FAM!Check it, if you haven’t “liked” my Psalmoetry Music Fan Page yet feel free to do so from this site! SMILE:) Again, your love and support IS SUCH A BLESSING to me and my household…THANK YOU ALL♥ I will be sure to keep you posted on things in regards to the National Safe Auto “Do The Jingle” contest…make it a GREAT DAY! Here’s the link to my Psalmoetry music fan page as well, go on and “like” it peeps!:)https://www.facebook.com/psalmoetry?ref=hl