My Testimony

In October of 1994 I began to feel God drawing me to Himself in a great way. I had been stressed after putting my heart and soul into a long-term relationship with a boyfriend who had gotten heavily involved with the streets and the whole lifestyle that comes with it! To add to the anxiety and fear that I often felt in regards to being apart of this way of living (concern for his safety as well as my own)-I also had to deal with him cheating within the relationship etc. I wanted out, but was dealing with a “Soul tie”! I began visiting a spirit-filled church that some of my relatives attended. Not too long after that I joined the local church that I’d been visiting and gave my heart to Jesus… I asked the Lord to help me turn my life around and to be my side through the good, the bad and all that goes in between.  Nonetheless, the relationship between the young man and I pretty much came to an end. Needless to say, he moved out of the apartment we’d once shared.

About a couple months later, my life changed in a great way: It was a Sunday evening in January. I had just finished tuning into a Christian program where the preacher was ministering on being in a “wilderness experience”. My phone had rung and before I could engage in much conversation with the caller, there was a knock at my door. I failed to look out the peek hole, yet as I went to open the door I felt a feeling of dread…like butterflies in my stomach. I know now that it was the spirit of the Lord warning me (however, I was not as familiar with His voice at that time.) As I opened the door, I was greeted with a shot gun poined to my head. I was ruffed up, knocked around some….my house was rammed sacked and they repeatedly asked for drugs and money. I expressed to them that I had no drugs or money in my home and that the person they were looking for was no longer in my life. They didn’t believe me and continued to ruff me up a bit. After some time passed, the one holding the gun told the others to take off running because he was about to “smoke me”. I had actually been reading my bible that evening while watching Dr. Creflo Dollar sharing about “being in the wilderness”. Nevertheless, the gunman saw my bible on my bed and mockingly said “God, huh, where ya God at now”. He had on a scarf type deal that covered his face a little below the eyes and stopped right below the chin (sort of like what you’d see in an old western flick…except this was for real!) His eyes were extremely red-like he’d been high on something. He starred at me with the most piercing stare as he aimed the gun at me . Tears streamed down my face as I asked him not to shoot, at the same time inwardly (silently) I was crying out for God’s mercy…desiring for Him to rescue me –my mind raced with thoughts of my mom and how much I loved her- I also thought of my dad and my brothers, and I couldn’t bear the thought of any of them seeing me shot to death. I also refused to accept that my life was about to end right at that very moment- and in such a tragic way.

Inwardly, I continued praying for God to spare my life, and I knew that I was at a place in my life where I truly wanted His guidance and wanted to live the way He intended for me to. Well, in those short seconds of silent prayer and having the gun aimed at me, a loud sound was heard by both the gunman and I. He flinched a bit when he heard the sound. It seemed to be coming from my balcony, which extended from the living room area straight across my bedroom area. I had assumed a neighbor heard the noise… crying, scuffling etc., and had called the police. I thought perhaps they’d climbed onto the balcony to help me. (I only lived on the second floor.) I remember the noise being like a clay pot hitting the cement pavement. It wasn’t super loud, but loud enough to get one’s attention. After flinching some from the noise, the gunman quickly spoke four specific words to me (to instill fear) and then took off running. I stood still in shock for a moment because of all that had happened, and then I motioned toward the balcony to thank who ever had come to rescue me, and to let them know they scared the gunman off. Well, to my astonishment-there was no one there. CORRECTION-there was no human there, but I truly believe God sent the angel of the Lord. Hallelujah! I was overwhelmed with all kinds of emotions.

I left out of the apartment (along with a female roommate who’d recently moved into the apartment  and who’s part of the story I will not disclose). Nevertheless, with the strength I had left, I made my way to the 5th floor (along with my new roommate) and proceeded to knock on the door of a neighbor that I’d befriended. She opened the door and saw my swollen face  and lips, as well as blood on my clothing. She immediately asked “What happened! What’s going on?” I told her my house had just been robbed, she took me back into her bedroom and sat me down. I was cold and shaking, and my pants were saturated in urine (I was unable to control my bladder from the shock of the incident etc.) She then called the police-who in turn notified my mom. The incident made the news paper. Tears streamed down my face as I read the article, and it really hit me…God had divinely protected me-Oh, how great is His mercy! It was during that very season of my life that I decided I wanted the Lord to use every gift & talent he’d graced me with in order to be a blessing to others. He’d spared my life and now I desired for Him to use it in a way that would bring glory to His name. Amen.