My name is Ayanna Lewis, professionally known as Psalmoetry.  I am a singer/songwriter, poet, and actress.  I’m a Cincinnati native with a background in the performing arts and graduated from the School For Creative And Performing Arts. Two of my greatest passions are singing and songwriting and I’ve enjoyed being able to express my heart authentically through music over the years to make an impact.  My latest release “Colors” has a soulful vibe and poetically expresses about the colors we bring from within.  Make sure you check it out!  Songwriting has opened some different national opportunities for me. My song “Got You Covered” written for Safe Auto Car Insurance aired nationally for quite some time on both TV and Radio.  During that time, I was also blessed to be aired and interviewed on WIZ 101.1 FM radio for a jingle I wrote for their Wendy’s Coco-Cola Free Style Machine commercial. One of my favorite original jingles though is “Anew”… my spin on the iconic Folgers Jingle.

Apart of my music journey has afforded me the privilege of being the music director (alongside my husband) for multiple church worship teams both prior and throughout the COVID 19 pandemic and beyond.  Songwriting blessed me to win two nationwide contests for my song “Sanctified and Sanitized”, which brought some comedic relief during a time of confusion, fear, sadness, and controversy surrounding the Corona virus/global shut down. I have passed the baton so to speak as a music director and have now shifted my focus solely to songwriting and recording.  I’m presently working on an R&B couples project as well as an Urban Gospel song release.



“Our Focus should not be on the color of skin but rather the colors we bring from within.” Psalmoetry

People may not always remember your name but they will remember how you treated them.  Every day is a gift, and an opportunity to bring beautiful colors from within to impact those around you for the good. Man looks on the outside but God looks at the heart. Yes, celebrate your outer beauty but allow your INNER beauty to be what radiates beyond the surface.

Got Me Covered

My full-length (60 sec.) song submission for the “Do The Jingle” Contest for Safe Auto Car Insurance’s national campaign. This song got over a quarter of a million votes and won first place!!! It landed me a national commercial contract and billboard ad!

If I Could Give You The World

An R&B concept for my future song release single “If I Could Give You The World”.  You ever loved someone so much you wished you could give them the world? Well, when you find that special someone…your person that’s made for you despite their and your imperfections, you’ll see that giving them “the world” so to speak comes down to giving them the best you have inside of you!

Sanctified and Sanitized

A comedic song that helped to soften the blow and bring some lightheartedness during the Covid 19 Pandemic/shutdown. This song went on to win two nationwide contests! Ohhhh wait until you hear the bridge/vamp… what a way to switch it up!

Shake It Off Remixed version (Music Video featuring L.G. Wise)

Music Video and song about “Shaking off” anything and anyone trying to bring you down.  In life, you may have some haters, dream killers, and even possibly be rockin’ with the wrong team because they ain’t really for you… Shakem Off! This song was selected for the number 1 Spot on a Skate Jams compilation!

Shake It Off (Original)

The song version where it all began! This HOT original version of “Shake It Off” won a nationwide contest and was chosen as the Number 1 spot on Gospel Skate Jams Vol. 2! If you like to roll like I do, you definitely will jam on the wheels to this one!


Got Me Covered (Official Commercial)

The Safe Auto Car Insurance Company desired a “fresh sound” for a campaign they were launching.  My original song jingle “Got You Covered” was turned into a 30 sec. nationwide commercial which aired on TV and radio!

Anew (Folgers Jingle)

What do you do when a campaign is asking musicians & recording artists to put their spin and sound on the iconic Folgers coffee jingle… you write something anew!  Here’s my soulful take on “the best part of waking up is Folgers in your cup!”

Wendy’s Freestyle Jingle

When the opportunity presented itself to flow Hip Hop Rap & R&B style for the WIZ FM Wendy’s Coca-Cola Freestyle commercial it was on!  I rose to the challenge and took 1st place with my original song jingle! The contest win included both monetary prizes and months of radio airplay of the commercial! Listen to the short interview and my song here!


Killing Me Softly

If I’m going to do a cover even if karaoke style it has to be a song by a heavy hitter… someone that I both admire and believe put out hits! The legendary Lauren Hill is one of those people.  Her rendition of “Killing Me Softly” is err thang! This was fun and fire!

Washington Park

Friday Flow in my hometown of Cincinnati at Washington Park!  What a summer vibe to be able to sing some throwbacks on stage along with a few of my originals… the crowd was rockin’ with me too!

This Is How We Overcome

As a music director and praise & worship leader, during the pandemic, we had to choose innovative ways to still have the music set the atmosphere and minister to the hearts of the people before the message was preached from the particular Pastor or clergyman.  This is one of numerous song videos made right at home for online church when we had to be away from one another during the shutdown.  What a reminder that we would overcome by God’s grace, mercy, and strength! Amen.

Safe Auto Billboard

I was featured on billboards throughout Ohio and Indiana for The SafeAuto Rewards campaign Billboard ad. I bless God for it!