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The Mask

A MUST HEAR!…very cinematic!  Let me know your thoughts, about it, thanks!  Click the video link to hear music by Ayanna “Psalmoetry ” Lewis (production by Terrence Lewis), see photos of the Playwright and cast of The Mask Stage Play 2016, and get the information needed in order to purchase your tickets for this compelling and riveting play! *** Do note, because of the nature and subject matter that each character is walking through, this play has been rated by Sandra A Wright (the writer) as PG 14.  Show dates: Saturday July 16th (7:30 PM) and Sunday July 17 (5:30 PM) We hope to see you there!

Psalmoetry Joy Joy Joy Featuring D-MAUB

There are different things in life that can rob you and I of our “joy” if we allow them to…be it financial struggles, broken relationships, “Religion” instead of spiritual truth, people not believing in you or your vision, feelings of unworthiness, physical battles “the cares of this world” etc….and the list goes on. BUT In those times, we need to take a deep breath and remind ourselves that GOD desires for us to WIN and He’s already paid the ultimate price for us to do so! Therefore, in different seasons of life, whether things are going great or if we’re experiencing challenging times, may the Lord grace us to COUNT IT ALL JOY as we get connected and STAY connected with Him…Knowing…if HE be for us “who or what” can stand against us!

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Ayanna SafeAuto Commercial Jingle On iTunes

I am so honored and just stoked about the way you all have responded to my SafeAuto commercial and jingle that won the SafeAuto Do The Jingle 2013 contest.  A lot of you have commented via twitter and facebook as well as on Youtube to let me know that you wish that the song was available in digital stores for digital downloads, well I wanna to let you know that it is not only now available but its the full version and not just the shorter version that you hear on the commercial you know the full version, the one that gives you that (singing) “Stepped in the car heading out of town but before I hit the road I gotta strap it down.  Mind at ease rolling fancy free cause I know I’m insured when I turn the key Cause I made a” (singing stops)…Well I can’t give you no more, I need you to download it (lol).

Serious though, I will love it if you would take a moment to download the full version of “Got Me Covered” from iTunes Amazon or Bandcamp.  Please also rate and review on iTunes and Amazon (no purchase necessary).

Thanks so much and you have a wonderful prosperous 2014!

– Psalmoetry