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Disaster! Comedy Musical – LaComedia Performance Dates

Approximately a month ago when I made a decision to audition for a musical production that I’d received an email about from Lacomedia (A Taste of Broadway) Dinner Theater. It was for the slapstick comedy and musical production of DISASTER!.. where the scene takes place in the late 70’s Era.. with bell bottoms, afros, platforms, disco music, and dances like the…

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Disaster! Comedy Musical: Episode 1 – Levora Verona (Donna Summer “Radio” Audition)

I went for an audition back in July for the Musical Production of Disaster… a 70’s Slapstick comedy by Seth Rudetsky, which played on Broadway. For my audition I had to choose a disco song from the 70’s/80’s era and sing a verse and chorus of it. When my husband saw me looking over different songs to choose from he encouraged me to do “Radio” by Donna Summer. He felt my tone would fit it well. Well, to feel the disco vibe as I practiced for my audition, I went out and purchased some disco balls for the atmosphere, LOL! Here’s a video of me practicing… the one in person with the director went much better, lol, but here’s what I got…

Check out some of the comments below that I received when posting this practice audition on Facebook!

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